I am a cowboy! ….. Well at heart anymore I guess. I was a rodeo cowboy for awhile.

Lost a finger and that dream went down the toilet. Then a construction cowboy for awhile. Even shaped my hard hat to look more waspy. Then became a County Road Worker! Can’t say anything about that except ” STUPID “! Then went to shoeing horses….

That is cowboy work I think. Now I build hats. Some for cowboys and some for cowboys at heart.

When I was young, my dad was a cowboy and a damn good one in my opinion. Then he went out tellin’ cowboy poetry and became pretty dang famous. I would travel with him every once in a while, and at a concert Michael Martin Murphy put on I met band called Muzzy Braun and the Braun boys. They were singing a song about a cowboy at heart. Well I thought it was a great song but would never apply to me.

Well folks… I am a cowboy, at heart.
My dad and I built our first hats together at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko Nevada. Of course he made his famous “Waddie Mitchell” hat while I pondered and pondered on what I should make for myself. He told me to make a hat that I would be proud to wear no matter what I looked like in it and it would break in to fit just fine. I thought he meant that It would break in to fit my head but I was way wrong. Custom hats are made to fit perfect, so there is no break in time. After studying hats and there owners, I now now that the hat doesn’t only fit the circumference of the head but also the personality of the owner. Man I love my job! I wake up and make someone’s personality and character everyday. Let me make one for you. Let me build the statement you want to make.

Our Services .


With my state of the art conformer your Hat is guaranteed to fit you perfectly. No break in time!


You can feel the quality of my hats from your fingers to the tip of your soul.


Knowing you look classy from head to toe is the first step of full-time optimism.