I am a cowboy! ….. Well at heart anymore I guess. I was a rodeo cowboy for awhile. Lost a finger and that dream went down the toilet. Then a construction cowboy for awhile. Even shaped my hard hat to look more waspy. Then became a County Road Worker! Can’t say anything about that except ” STUPID “! Then went to shoeing horses…. That is cowboy work I think. Now I build hats. Some for cowboys and some for cowboys at heart. When I was young, my dad was a cowboy and a damn good one in my opinion. Then he went out tellin’ cowboy poetry and became pretty dang famous. I would travel with him every once in a while, and at a concert Michael Martin Murphy put on I met band called Muzzy Braun and the Braun boys. They were singing a song about a cowboy at heart. Well I thought it was a great song but would never apply to me. Well folks… I am a cowboy, at heart. My dad and I built our first hats together at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko Nevada. Of course he made his famous “Waddie Mitchell” hat while I pondered and pondered on what I should make for myself. He told me to make a hat that I would be proud to wear no matter what I looked like in it and it would break in to fit just fine. I thought he meant that It would break in to fit my head but I was way wrong. Custom hats are made to fit perfect, so there is no break in time. After studying hats and there owners, I now now that the hat doesn’t only fit the circumference of the head but also the personality of the owner. Man I love my job! I wake up and make someone’s personality and character everyday. Let me make one for you. Let me build the statement you want to make.